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Thank U 4 Bng An F- An Instrumental Version (holiday repost)

Feel Free to add vocals and send them in to us!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

thanks for reading/listening/watching/pondering and ignoring us!!!


Nihilism Sacks Relief Efforts In Ferguson

Lightbulb Martin
7 hours ago
Ha ha doesn't do it.
Ha ha can't be it. 
Nothing like Nihilism 
Enlists the whole lament. 
Slack relief in disbelief 
mine of God 
I just figured 
No halo 

Next line no using
phones please and no 
cursing please think 
that's going to piss 
off the young, 
when all they read 
How mellow 
Now trees?

So you think getting 
pregnant tired driving 40 
on the night they drove 
old Dixie down it 
couldn't rain enough for 
me I wanted to see 
their Wagonwheel slats 
stuck up to their humps 
in dreams. It's easy to 
get a palm trimming.
actually think they
read anywhere 
can write some

At least I have a 
motherfucking palm 
yes I'm lying 
in bed now get some
sleep it's who 
they all say you're fucking 
my recording girl 
you took my 
only lighter. 
what God 
touts God 
Routs and tryouts 
buy shouts 
yet still 
Doubts if 
She is really out.
Ha ha! Nihilists won't expound.


Mother and Child Reunion. A PhotoMixed Essay

These are PhotoMixes created with the iOS app Pic Stitch mainly, although some other apps were used in editing the building block photos before they were assembled and visually finalized with Pic Stitch. This photo essay is entitled 'Mother & Child Reunion' because the subjects are in fact mother and daughter, and all of the photos were taken while the two reconciled after not seeing each other for more than four years. One additional note: None of the building block photos nor the subjects themselves were posed in such a way as to benefit the making of the collages. The original photos were candids taken in a hotel room as the two re-engaged. Happily.